How Do I Get Involved?

Astoria Generating Company will actively inform the local community and the broader public about the Luyster Creek Energy Project and invite vigorous participation in the permitting and environmental review processes.

Because the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has identified the area as a Potential Environmental Justice Area (PEJA), this outreach will be conducted in accordance with NYS procedures established in Commissioner Policy 29 (CP-29) New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). The efforts outlined by AGC are proactive and extensive to engage a wide array of community organizations and residents in the area.

This project web site is one component of the outreach effort, incorporating:

  • Reports and analyses on the Luyster Creek Energy Project;
  • Preparatory materials for public briefings and meetings;
  • Fact sheets and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the languages predominant in the area;
  • Summary reports from public meetings;
  • Regular reports to NYSDEC on implementation of the Public Participation Plan;
  • Draft and final Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) as they are completed;
  • Contact information for AGC representatives;
  • Opportunities to post and receive public comments on the Project.
  • Calendar of regulatory process milestones, public meetings.

For those who do not have access to the internet, documents will be placed in convenient repositories and there will be a toll-free number set up to receive comments and questions.

Visitors are invited to log onto this web site on a regular basis to review progress reports, which will be prepared by AGC in accordance with a detailed schedule that will be agreed upon with Stakeholders. These progress reports will summarize the outreach activities during the previous period and respond to comments and questions collected on the website or by phone.

In addition to the project calendar available on this web site, notifications will be made to stakeholders via email and US mail to the Stakeholder list and via postings to the Community Board websites. Public notice of the meetings will also be given in appropriate local weekly newspapers, one daily newspaper of general circulation and, if required, the Environmental Notice Bulletin.

Document Repositories

All public documents produced for the Luyster Creek Energy Project transcripts of public hearings, will be available for review at the following locations in the community:

To be Determined