The nearest residential housing is more than ½ mile from the new unit.

The area is surrounded by largely industrial properties, electrical generating facilities, electrical substations, and heavy equipment storage.

Under the federal Coastal Zone Management Act, the City developed a local Waterfront Revitalization Program (WRP) to establish policies for the development and use of the waterfront.    The LCEP is located on a part of the Astoria waterfront that is designated a Waterfront Manufacturing zoning district which is zoned for heavy manufacturing (industrial) use (M3-1).   The proposed LCEP development is consistent with the policies of the WRP as an industrial use in the coastal area well suited to continued operation under the policy.  The DEIS will provide additional discussion of the WRP.

Yes.  The new combined cycle combustion turbine(s) and ancillary equipment are being added to an existing electric generating facility  located in a Manufacturing District (M3-1).  An electric power generating plant is a Permitted Use in a M3-1 District.  Thus, the installation of the new equipment is permitted under the City of New York Zoning Resolution.  Permitted Uses in the M3-1 District must comply with applicable performance standards governing areas such as noise, vibration, odorous matter, humidity, and heat, among others.  In addition, special regulations applicable to the Waterfront Area will also apply.  Preliminary plans will be submitted to the City Planning Commission for review to confirm compliance with applicable zoning regulations, including the performance standards and special regulations applicable to the Waterfront Area.