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Will the Project cause a navigation hazard to air traffic at LaGuardia Airport?

No, USPowerGen will coordinate with the FAA to assure that the facility stacks are not a hazard and that the proper lighting is installed for navigation.

How does traffic, including staff and deliveries, access the site of the new unit(s)?

The primary fuel, natural gas, will continue to arrive via underground pipeline. Liquid fuel will continue to arrive by water. Traffic arriving by land must do so via 20th Avenue. If traffic originates in Astoria, they must reach 20th Avenue via any of the cross streets such as 21st, 31st, or Steinway St. If traffic […]

Will the Project generate any new traffic to the Astoria Generating Station site?

Street traffic will increase for a period of approximately 20 months due to construction activities. This traffic during the construction period is not anticipated to impact traffic patterns or existing trucking in the Astoria industrial area. A full traffic plan will be conducted as part of the DEIS review process. Major deliveries will be brought […]

Will any undisturbed, undeveloped “green fields” be used for this Project?


How close is the Project to the nearest residential housing?

The nearest residential housing is more than ½ mile from the new unit.

What are the immediate surrounding land uses?

The area is surrounded by largely industrial properties, electrical generating facilities, electrical substations, and heavy equipment storage.

Will the Project comply with the City’s Waterfront Revitalization Program (WRP)?

Under the federal Coastal Zone Management Act, the City developed a local Waterfront Revitalization Program (WRP) to establish policies for the development and use of the waterfront.    The LCEP is located on a part of the Astoria waterfront that is designated a Waterfront Manufacturing zoning district which is zoned for heavy manufacturing (industrial) use (M3-1).   […]

Is the Project allowed under current zoning?

Yes.  The new combined cycle combustion turbine(s) and ancillary equipment are being added to an existing electric generating facility  located in a Manufacturing District (M3-1).  An electric power generating plant is a Permitted Use in a M3-1 District.  Thus, the installation of the new equipment is permitted under the City of New York Zoning Resolution.  Permitted Uses in the M3-1 District must comply with applicable performance standards […]

Will there be any measures taken to screen the new unit from community or water views?

Final configuration of new structures and architectural treatments will be arranged to optimize efficient plant operation while minimizing potential visual impacts from the Project. A visual impact assessment has been conducted as part of the DEIS review process.

Will the new unit be visible from the Manhattan waterfront?

Partially. Visual simulations have been completed as part of the DEIS review process that shows how the Project design will minimize potential impacts.

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