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Will the new unit be visible from the waterway?

Yes. Visual simulations presented in the DEIS document how the Project design will minimize potential impacts.

Will the new unit be visible from the community?

From some parts of the community, the new unit may be visible. For most residents, other existing buildings will obscure most views of the Project. Final configuration of new structures and architectural treatments will be arranged to optimize efficient plant operation while minimizing potential visual impacts from the Project.

Will there be any tall stacks?

The new unit will have the lowest stack height possible to meet good engineering practice. The final height will be determined based on the air quality modeling that will be completed as part of the air permit process.

What do the new unit look like?

The facility where the new unit will be located will generally look like the other modern energy generating facilities recently constructed in New York City. The facility however is located at the furthest point on the property from the Astoria community. USPowerGen is exploring designs for an attractive modern facade for the facility that will […]

Will there be any steam discharges from the Facility with any freezing impacts in the winter on roads or adjacent properties in the winter?

No. The Project is not near any public roadways.

Will there be discharges of any type into the public wastewater system?

Minimal discharges will be made into the public wastewater system. The facility is expected to utilize a portable water treatment system that will be routinely replaced and not require the chemicals and discharges normally associated with water treatment for a generating facility. These discharges will be quantified in the DEIS.

Will there be discharges of any type into the East River?

Only stormwater runoff, currently regulated by an existing storm water discharge permit, may be discharged. Modifications to this permit, if any, will be completed as part of the Project. A new storm water management plan will be developed as part of the Project to be approved by the NYSDEC.

Will water be used in the routine operations and from what source?

City water will be used as a control technology to reduce NOx emissions when firing on ULSD. Estimated quantities are addressed in the DEIS. No river water will be used for the construction or operation of the facility.

What water resource impacts are anticipated from the Project?

The Luyster Creek Energy Project is a land-based project that will be constructed on a previously developed site currently being used as a fuel oil storage facility. The Project will not require the use of any surface waters or ground waters for plant cooling and will reduce uses of surface water from the existing Astoria […]

Where will these environmental benefits be realized?

The effect of reduced emissions will benefit the local community since reductions in emissions will generally take place from existing operations in the Astoria area. These local emission reductions will also benefit the rest of New York City and the Northeast.

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