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What developments in the Gowanus/Greenwood area increase the need for upgrades at facilities such as the Gowanus Generating Station?

Like much of the rest of New York City, the Sunset Park area is growing. This is true with respect to both residential and waterfront/industrial activity. In the coming years, two major industrial facilities will come on-line: a $25 million Hugo Neu recycling facility and a 1.1 million square foot light manufacturing and retail showroom […]

What is the Staten Island/Greenwood sub-load pocket?

The Staten Island/Greenwood sub-load pocket is an area of Brooklyn and Staten Island that represents a constrained area in the New York City transmission system. Much of the generation capacity that supplies Brooklyn on a daily basis is located outside the Borough (i.e. New Jersey and other parts of New York) and flows through interconnections […]

What is a load pocket?

A load pocket is an area where there is insufficient transmission capability to reliably supply 100% of the electric load without relying on generation capacity that is physically located within that area. It is the result of high concentrations of intensive power use inevitable in a big city and limitations, known as constraints, on the […]

How is this project different from previous power infrastructure projects on the Sunset Park waterfront?

The South Pier Improvement Project is unique because it will displace operating time of older, existing, less efficient, higher emissions units with the operating time by newer, higher efficiency, lower emission units. USPowerGen is able to guarantee reductions because it owns generators at the site and within the community. No other projects previously proposed on […]

Why is the South Pier Improvement Project needed?

1. The existing units at the Gowanus Generating Station facility were built with state-of-the-art technology in the 1970s. Since then, technological advances in turbine combustion efficiency and environmental performance have been achieved. Today’s new turbines run much more efficiently and cleanly and produce lower cost and less polluting electricity. The installation of new combustion turbines […]

Who is going to develop, own and operate this project?

Astoria Generating Company, L.P., a US Power Generating Company (USPowerGen), will develop, own and operate this project. US Power Generating Company, a private company, owns and operates electric generating facilities in both New York and Boston and currently supplies approximately 20% of the New York City electric generating capacity.

What is the South Pier Improvement Project?

The South Pier Improvement Project is both an emissions improvement and generation expansion project. It is a combination of the installation of 2 or 3 modern combustion turbines for the production of electricity at the Gowanus Generating Station at 29th Street and 2nd Avenue on the waterfront in Brooklyn and an emissions reduction program from […]

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