What developments in the Gowanus/Greenwood area increase the need for upgrades at facilities such as the Gowanus Generating Station?

Like much of the rest of New York City, the Sunset Park area is growing. This is true with respect to both residential and waterfront/industrial activity. In the coming years, two major industrial facilities will come on-line: a $25 million Hugo Neu recycling facility and a 1.1 million square foot light manufacturing and retail showroom center in the former federal building at Second Avenue and 32nd Street. Axis Group is building a $40 M auto shipping facility at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal. A city-owned marine transfer station, on Hamilton Avenue, is scheduled for renovation and operation as a solid waste management facility, and a new cement company is slated for the Bush Terminal. These developments represent significant net new power requirements. At the same time, the population of Sunset Park is growing at better than 2% per year.

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