Why is the South Pier Improvement Project needed?

1. The existing units at the Gowanus Generating Station facility were built with state-of-the-art technology in the 1970s. Since then, technological advances in turbine combustion efficiency and environmental performance have been achieved. Today’s new turbines run much more efficiently and cleanly and produce lower cost and less polluting electricity. The installation of new combustion turbines will allow the existing turbines to run much less frequently. The net impact is lower emissions of pollutants and conservation of fuel.

2. The facility is located within a load pocket that experiences constraints during peak periods. That means that during high demand periods or when certain transmission facilities are unavailable the area must be largely self-sufficient in terms of power. The Gowanus Generating Station is a key source of power and reliability to the homes and businesses in the Gowanus/Greenwood area during peak periods and when there are problems with the broader network. Growth in the Gowanus/Greenwood area means that the need for power and reliability is increasing.

3. Current projections show that by 2011 New York City will need more power than is available. That means there is need for new generation capacity especially in the Gowanus/Greenwood load pocket, which cannot easily receive power from other supply source in the City. These new turbines will provide some of the needed capacity and produce a net environmental benefit at the same time.

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