Why is this Luyster Creek Energy Project needed?

The Luyster Creek Energy Project is needed for several reasons:

  • The existing operations at the Astoria Generating Station were state-of-the-art technology in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, technological advances in turbine combustion efficiency and environmental performance have been achieved. Today’s new combined cycle plants run much more efficiently and cleanly, producing lower cost and less polluting electricity. The installation of a new facility will allow some of the existing operations to retire and the remaining to run much less frequently. The net impact is lower emissions of pollutants and conservation of fuel.

  • Current projections show that by 2015 New York City will need more power than is available. That means there is need for new generation capacity. USPowerGen believes that a coordinated improvement of the Astoria Generating Station by the addition of new cleaner technology is the most beneficial way to plan for the increasing load requirements of the City and the eventual retirement of older generating units, while reducing the environmental impacts of the existing units and other displaced facilities. The operation of the Project will result in significant environmental benefits and improved system reliability. The Project will also advance and is consistent with the goals set forth in the Draft State Energy Plan with respect to assuring system reliability, replacement of older capacity, greenhouse gas reductions, reduced electric costs and environmental improvements.
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