South Pier Overview

Gowanus Station PhotoThe Astoria Generating Company, L.P, an Eastern Generation LLC is proposing to enhance the Gowanus Generating Station with the addition of approximately 100 megawatts (MW) of new cleaner state-of-the-art electric generation while reducing the actual net emissions. A variety of methods are being explored such as enforceable permit limits, emission control technologies, and other community-based improvements.

The South Pier Improvement Project is designed to meet the specific needs of the immediate communities served by the Gowanus and Greenwood ‘load pocket’ within the City’s distribution system, an area which needs more electricity than can currently be supplied during periods of high electrical demand. The Improvement Project will meet these current and future increasing demands for electricity in this load pocket. Because the existing units at the Gowanus Generating Station as well as other units are expected to run less as a result of the new installation, the project is projected to reduce the environmental impacts of the existing Gowanus Generating Station facility locally, and other displaced facilities within New York City. Additional environmental benefits will result from commitments made by Astoria Generating Company to achieve net environmental improvements through measures to be scoped and implemented in cooperation with the community and stakeholders.