Yes, the existing operation is fully permitted. Pending the approval process for the Project, the new permit may include modifications to the existing permits and or permit conditions. A summary of the permits and approvals and/ or modifications of the existing permits that may be required is provided in Attachment B of the Environmental Assessment Form (EAF). Attachment C of the EAF provides a list of the current permits for the existing facility. A copy of the Air Title V Facility Operating Permit for the existing Astoria Generating Station may be obtained from the following website:

Once permit applications are filed with the NYSDEC the status can be tracked using the following website:

Public meetings associated with the SEQR process will be held in the Community. These meetings will be announced in the newspapers, and on the website, via the Community Board, at local libraries, and through email and mail to interested stakeholders. Documentation of these meetings and other documents produced for the DEIS will be available on this website and at public places noted on the Website.

The Project is subject to the State Environmental Quality Review Act Process (SEQR), and based on the New York State air permit modifications required, it is anticipated that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) will act as Lead Agency. The Lead Agency will coordinate the review of the Project with all other interested and involved parties. USPowerGen plans to complete an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to fully assess the impacts associated with the Project and to provide for meaningful community involvement. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection will be involved in the review process as a participating agency focusing on City permit issues and the impacts to be studied as part of the DEIS review process. The entire review process includes opportunities for significant public participation as further discussed in Attachment E of the Environmental Assessment Form found in the documents section of this website

A complete list is included as Attachment B of the Environmental Assessment Form and is included in the documents section posted on the website.