No, USPowerGen will coordinate with the FAA to assure that the facility stacks are not a hazard and that the proper lighting is installed for navigation.

The primary fuel, natural gas, will continue to arrive via underground pipeline. Liquid fuel will continue to arrive by water. Traffic arriving by land must do so via 20th Avenue. If traffic originates in Astoria, they must reach 20th Avenue via any of the cross streets such as 21st, 31st, or Steinway St. If traffic comes from outside of Astoria the easiest access is via the exit off the Grand Central Parkway which routes traffic directly onto Hoyt Avenue. From there trucks can cross over to 20th from any cross street.

Street traffic will increase for a period of approximately 20 months due to construction activities. This traffic during the construction period is not anticipated to impact traffic patterns or existing trucking in the Astoria industrial area. A full traffic plan will be conducted as part of the DEIS review process. Major deliveries will be brought in by water to the extent possible. Under normal operations virtually no increases in traffic will be experienced. Deliveries of liquid fuel will continue to arrive by water.