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Will there be any tall stacks?

The unit will have the lowest stack height possible to achieve ambient air quality standards. Preliminary modeling suggests that the unit will have an approximately 95-foot stack. The final height may be adjusted based on the air quality modeling that will be completed as part of the air permit process.

What does the unit look like?

The GE LMS100 looks much like a turbine on the wing of an airplane. In fact, the underlying technology is derived from airplane turbines. However, the turbine itself will not be visible to the public. USPowerGen is exploring designs for an attractive modern facade for the turbine that will complement the waterfront, the views of lower […]

Will there be any steam discharges from these units with any freezing impacts in the winter on roads or adjacent properties in the winter?


Will there be discharges of any type into the public wastewater system?

Minimal discharges will be made into the public waste water system. These discharges will be quantified in the DEIS. The facility will utilize a portable water treatment system that will be routinely replaced and not require the chemicals and discharges normally associated with water treatment for a generating facility.

Will there be discharges of any type into the Gowanus Canal?

Only storm water run off, currently regulated by a existing storm water discharge permit, may be discharged. Modifications to this permit, if any, will be completed as part of the project. A new storm water management plan will be developed as part of the project to be approved by the State.

Will water be used in the routine operations and from what source?

City water will be used as a control technology to reduce NOx emissions. No river water will be used for the construction or operation of the facility. Estimated quantities will be addressed in the DEIS.

What water resource impacts are anticipated with these units?

The South Pier Improvement Project is a land-based project that will be constructed on a previously developed site consisting of compacted fill secured by a steel sheet-piled bulkhead. Due to the structural integrity of the existing bulkhead, the “south pier” is properly characterized as a well-defined earthen landmass, which can support a project of this […]

Where will these benefits be realized?

The effect of reduced emissions will benefit the local community since reductions in emissions will generally take place from the facilities in the area owned by USPowerGen. These local emission reductions will also benefit the rest of the City and the northeast.

Will environmental performance be enforceable by a regulatory agency?

Yes. Permit conditions contained in a final air quality permit will be enforceable by the NYSDEC and the USEPA.

How are the improvements calculated?

Improvements are calculated based on the potential to emit (based on the anticipated permit conditions) from the new units and additional permit restrictions on the old units compared to actual emissions produced by the existing facility in the past.

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