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How will they be measured?

Commitments made in permit modifications will be measured and quantified in a manner consistent with other air emission sources of this type. Emissions compliance reports will be submitted as required to regulatory agencies to demonstrate compliance.

How do you know they will be achieved?

USPowerGen will commit to enforceable permit restrictions and conditions to ensure the predicted environmental benefits are achieved from the project. USPowerGen is exploring a range of measures, including permit restrictions on the new equipment, the use of biofuels on the old equipment, mitigation of existing sources of emissions in Sunset Park, and taking more stringent […]

What environmental benefits are expected?

USPowerGen has completed initial modeling of the New York City energy system to project expected operation of the new units and the effect of the new units on the existing system. This model was used to predict the environmental benefits associated with running the existing generating facilities less. Initial results indicate that the project will […]

Will there be any change in the use of existing units at Gowanus Generating Station Generating Station or other Eastern Generation LLC’s facilities?

Yes. The existing units at the Gowanus Generating Station as well as those atEastern Generation LLC’s Narrows facilities (located nearby at 53rd Street at the waterfront in Brooklyn) and its Astoria Generating Station in Queens are projected to run less frequently. It is anticipated that other facilities, not owned byEastern Generation LLC, will also run […]

When will these units be used?

The new units are “peaking” turbines, used when the electric generation system requires additional capacity. They will typically run during the workday and more frequently during the summer cooling season. They are also available to rapidly start and quickly respond to changes in the electric system providing fast response typically unavailable from larger facilities.

How will the electricity from this project impact ConEd rates?

The new units will produce electricity at lower cost than the existing turbines. However, relative to the total size of the New York City electric generation system, the South Pier Improvement Project is small. Therefore, the impact on the overall price is difficult to quantify and may not be noticeable on the average customer’s bill. […]

Who is going to pay for this project?

It is USPowerGen’s goal to finance and build the Project without the long-term contracts or public subsidies typically associated with new generation facilities.

What is the project schedule?

The project has started with preliminary meetings with stakeholders in the Sunset Park community. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement work will begin shortly and is scheduled to be complete by May 2008. The Final Environmental Impact Statement, with full review and approval of the DEIS, is anticipated to be completed by November of 2008. Should […]

What fuel will be used to generate electricity?

The units will primarily burn natural gas and be permitted to use ultra low sulfur diesel on a limited basis as a back up for system reliability. This back-up fuel is important for times in which natural gas is unavailable. USPowerGen is also exploring the use of biofuels in existing equipment as part of its […]

What type and size electric generating units are proposed?

The proposed generator is a General Electric LMS 100 sprint combustion turbine generating approximately 100MW of power.

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